XYKO, pronounced Zi-ko, emerged in 2022 from the creative minds of founders Will Thomas and Tim Chuko transcending the ordinary, offering accessories designed to seamlessly integrate into the dynamic lifestyle of the modern individual.

We stand as a beacon of inspiration, our products crafted to be not just practical accessories, but partners in your journey, whether amidst the urban jungle or on global adventures. We are anchored in the philosophy of intentional living, echoing our manifesto, "the underlying desire to go."

Will’s strategic insight paired with Tim’s creative expertise has birthed a brand that’s not just about aesthetics but also about empowering a lifestyle of bold, unapologetic living. Every XYKO piece is a call to action, an invitation to step into a world where every moment is lived with intent and every journey is an exploration of self.

Join us in a movement that’s about more than just accessories - it’s about living intentionally, boldly, and without reservation.